Top Ways to use Promotional Counter Mats

The places where are usually placed counter mats are certainly counters (as their name suggests), bars and cash registers in various shops and kiosks. These are, of course, very visible places, and counter mats there surely will be the most noticed and the most will serve its purpose. But what are the best and the most important ways to use them? Investing in advertising is one of the most important segments in business, and counter mats can be changed frequently for a great price.

Promotional Counter Mats

Using and changing counter mats by periods

Occasional change (slogans and implementation of new campaigns) may be very beneficial impact on the placement of products and services because it keeps the attention of the clients and customers.

First of all, counter mats are a great as an advertisement which can be changed:

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annually

Every time you want to make the promotion of a new product and / or services of your brand or company :

  • Promotional prices
  • action discounts
  • promotions of new product
  • promotions of a new design of an old products
  • revitalization of poorly demanded product

You can just say what kind of promotion you need, and a team of design experts in cooperation with marketing experts will come up with the ideal solution for your new counter mats.

Special counter mats for holidays

Special promotional counter mats can be designed and created for specific national or religious holidays (for example: Thanksgiving Day, Valentines Day, New Year, Hanukkah, Christmas, Independence Day etc.). In that way you will show your customers (on an apparently dispensable, but very effective way) that your company think of them and their important days. Precisely, the holidays and the change of a seasons are the time when people spend the most money, and if they see that there are companies that pay attention to them and their needs at that particular time – they will much easier select your product or service, and continue to use it.

Promo materials, particularly counter mats can multiply and increase your income and the number of your clients for many reasons. First is very simple-they are cheap, the target group can easily see and remember them, you can change them according to the needs of your company (Demand and supply actually vary very much in different annual periods). If you invest in them – you will not regret. Any cash register, bar or a counter have a counter mats of a certain company with which they cooperate, and thereby they recommends your services and products to their customers. Definitely for you is easier and cheaper to to set your counter mats designed specifically for your company needs at that moment, in some visible places than to share a promotional material in the form of calendars, pens, organizers etc. (that often do not end up in hands of the target groups).

Of course, is up to you to decide whether you’ll promote your company in this way (and later in other campaigns, in the same periods next year you will be able to take advantage of remaining counter mats), or you will use promotional material for single use that can be very expensive and non-utilized as well as a counter mats.

Counter mats are not a new thing in the market, but they are certainly something that can get its zenith in advertising campaigns around the world only when you use all the proper methods for their use and archive maximum of utilization.Therefore, „listen“ to the market, pay attention to the needs an desires of consumers and know one important thing „The customer is always right!

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