Heavy Duty Natural Rubber

The best quality and most desirable base for your countermats and mousepads. Provides slip-resistance.

Medium Duty Natural Rubber

A less dense rubber than our Heavy Duty Rubber. Economical while providing quality, durability and good slip resistance.

Light Duty Natural Rubber

Lighter in weight than our other products but a durable economical choice. Available in 1/8″ thickness only.

Repositionable Adhesive

A repositionable base material; mailing weight reduces shipping costs. Lower profile increase durability with less abuse.

Cloth Surface

Soft polyester fabric with excellent durability.



Super thin base with a polyurethane backing to prevent slippage.

Gloss Overlaminate

Provides crystal clear image properties. Softer in density. Not recommended for high traffic environments.

Scratch Resistant Overlaminate

Superior scratch resistant properties without sacrificing image quality