Counter Mats – Points of Purchase Advertising Ideas and Advantages

In the sentence Machiavelli said long time ago „Goal justifies the means“ many people throughout history have found justification for treacherous moves, abuse and fraud. But it hides it’s positive connotation that makes it to realize the aim of staying focused. Those who are engaged in advertising often can feel that on their own skin. There are many examples that the products have the same quality, but only one rises to the throne. Path to the goal is thorny, try to always choose the one that leads to the victory.

The choice of resources for marketing is certainly one of the most important things in modern business but also in running of each company. Now-when on the market appears so many new ways of advertising, is not easy to chose the right. But if you choose the counter mats as your promo material in way to advertise your company, you definitely will not make mistake. Let’s be clear – the counter mats may not be as strong as the bright and shiny advertisements on billboards or on television, but they are much more effective than other promotional materials. They are certainly the most important and the most noticeable promo material that one company may own. Their purpose is not to be given to business partners (eg. Planners, calendars or pens with name and moto of your brand or logo of the company). They serve to attract customers which are already customers of your business partners or to present a new product of the company as well as to show the special offers. It is difficult to emerge from mediocrity, and impossible to be noticed without a good plan and a wise idea.

Points of Purchase Advertising Ideas

In the graphic (picture above) you can see that the statistics show that:

  • 89 percent of the commercials and ads remain completely unnoticed
  • 7 percent occupied by those advertisements that we remember in a negative context
  • Believe or not, ONLY 4 percent of advertising remains in our consciousness recorded in a „folder positive“

However, what is important is that you were noticed (no matter is it negative or positive). Noticing is the key to good advertising and attaining the ultimate objective. A way to be noticed is archived by various means. Right there, the wisdom of the beginning of the text becomes more significant. Advertising has to work in the service of selling the products. All the subtleties of marketing goes only to the and for the final realization. The sole purpose of marketing is to sell product.

Will your brand become people’s favorite or you will be imposed to the people, so that everyone will think that you are indispensable and the best-depends only on you. Choosing the way is the most difficult if you are not aware of the facts.

And the facts are that the Counter Mats are unobtrusive, but uncompromising form of advertisements that surely will be noticed and remembered by your target group. Get counter mats for your company, put them on right places and be noticed by many people!

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