B-Line™ Poster Display – In-store promotions at the right angle!



Available in two versions & several lengths


B-Line™ 2


Poster format 148 x 998 mm
5.82 x 39.29 in

B line img_5488-400x400

B-Line™ 2

Custom length

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High attention value right at the point of purchase


Maximum exposure

B-Line™ can be placed against virtually any shelving system or service counter. And like all Windo® products, the B-Line™ can be simply updated by inserting new graphics to deliver targeted marketing.


High attention value

B-Line™ is the latest development in floor advertising and is an effective and sustainable in-store communication medium for retailers and advertisers. An exceptional sleek and compact design with high attention value.


B-Line™ is ideal for

Brand manufacturers, advertisers, media companies, advertising agencies, shop designers, retailers and chains, etc.


Design & Quality

B-Line™ has an exceptional design with a high quality aluminum construction. Easy to move or reposition and the graphics can be updated quickly and inexpensively.


Update Graphics

Update your advertising message quickly and easily with inexpensive printed graphics.


Protect your message

The B-Line™ has a transparent inlay that is designed to protect your graphics and keep your message looking its best. Simply remove the inlay and replace the graphics.



Does the B-Line™ standard size or colour not meet your requirements? Or would you like to add LED lighting for even more impact? B-Line™ can be customized to your specifications. Contact us for more details.

B-Line™ in action

NEW! The latest for in-store advertising

Engineered and designed from a user’s point of view. Beautiful, Modern, Strong & Appealing.

Thorwald Meelis
Thorwald MeelisProduct Development & Online Marketing