antimicrobial surface mats

Antimicrobial Surface Inhibits a Range of Microbe Buildup… Antimicrobial provides continuous surface protection reducing the buildup of microbes.

With one touch of the hand, microbes can infect our surroundings and products we use daily, creating unclean and possibly damaging conditions. Common disinfectants, when sprayed or wiped on a surface are not necessarily effective. However, with the patented Antimicrobial technology you will receive continuous surface protection reducing the buildup of harmful microbes.


Great For

  • Providing a printed antimicrobial surface while promoting a brand name or product in any health conscious industry.

  • Doctor’s Office, Drugstore, Hospital, Bank, Restaurant, Office, Fitness Center, and more...


  • Helps suppress the ongoing buildup of dangerous microbes.

  • Safe for the environment

  • Reduces microorganisms which can cause illness

  • Effective, long-lasting protection.