Counter Mats _team

CounterMats™ has been producing high quality countermats and other promotional items since 1989. At our state-of-the-art facility our highly skilled employees have produced millions of counter mats and desktop accessory items for some of the country’s best known companies.

We use the most current technology and up-to-date equipment to meet the constantly changing needs, deadlines and budgets of our customers.

To guarantee a quality job, we use only the finest materials, inks and printing techniques to provide our demanding customers vivid graphic reproductions on long-lasting, durable pads.

Counter Mats are very useful little things for your business.You can use counter mats on your counter or bar, which will draw your customers’ attention while they are waiting at the till or waiting for a drink.

There are various types of counter mats in advertisement, depending on which material they are made of, in different shapes, textures etc. (everything can be customized). They are very useful for your business for many reasons, and we will tell you the most important ones:

• First of all, they are excellent and inexpensive advertising that is very visible and easy to remember.
• You can change your promo counter mats design for great prices often.
• They can be customized and designed in a million ways
• With or without your logo
• With your company motto
• With some interesting messages that will attract customers to come again.


Our production department is always ready to meet you individual needs including special orders, materials, shipping and custom packaging for any environment or situation

At Countermats, quality always comes first. Please contact one of our customer service representatives to discuss how we can help you with your particular needs.