3d lenticular mats

Our 3D/Lenticular Countermats are a proven unique winning promotion. 3D and Lenticulars are both flat images that appear to display depth, motion or, in some cases, both. Simply put, they are instant replays that visually cycle.

  • 3Dmulti
    Multi image flipping enhances your customers’ comprehension of your products by recomposing different images together. You can convert one picture to another in the blink of an eye. Images, text and graphics vanish and reappear by moving the pad.
  • 3Dmorph
    The morph is a special effect seen in movies. It expresses vividness by showing the transformation from an image to a completely different image. A car can be morphed into a submarine, fresh tomatoes into a tomato can, wheat grains into noodles, a son’s face into a father’s, and so on.
  • 3Dmotion
    Motion provides constant and continuous information by moving images in a picture. Imagine seeing a golf player’s full movement of swing or the full range of expression and movement of a favorite cartoon character. A lenticular image can express movement dramatically reproduced in a printed piece.
  • 3Ddepth
    3D Depth shows you a virtual reality by creating stereoscopic image with perspective. The incredible eye-popping effect of a 3D DEPTH image guarantees that your message will get noticed. You almost feel as if you can reach in and grab it because of its utmost virtual reality!
  • 3Dzoom
    Zoom shows in-and-out movement of words and images. When you move the countermat, the image begins to fade away, or zoom in. This simple in-and-out movement is so astonishing it is guarenteed to attract your customers attention.
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  • 5 styles of 3D/Lenticular Countermats available.

  • These mats are the most unique eye catching one’s that we produce.

  • Please contact one of our representatives for more information.

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