Counter Mats are very useful little things for your business.You can use counter mats on your counter or bar, which will draw your customers’ attention while they are waiting at the till or waiting for a drink.

Special promotional counter mats can be designed and created for specific national or religious holidays (for example: Thanksgiving Day, Valentines Day, New Year, Hanukkah, Christmas, Independence Day etc.).

COUNTER MAT are the sure way to accelerating the speed of your business.

Standard Laminated

Duramat Counter Mats

Interchangeable Mats

Antimicrobial Surface

Repositionable Mats

Cloth-Dye Sublimation

3D/Lenticular Mats

2 Sided Countermat

Magnetic Countermats

Dry Erase Countermat

Ultra Thin Countermats

Stock Interchangeable

Clear Transparent